Public Participation in Research and Innovation


Mar 19 Set 2023

Descrizione evento

The IDEATION Project (Innovation anD Entrepreneurship Actions and Trainings for hIgher educatiON) aims to transform participating Higher Institutes of Education (HEIs) into universities of significantly increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance their impact on surrounding ecosystems.

IDEATION sees a path in HEIs transformation towards universities of increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity through Open Science by implementing an Innovation Vision Plan (IVAP).

Among the project activities, IDEATION partners will present the Quadruple Helix model,  that recognizes four key actors in the innovation system: science, politics, industry, and society. The objective of numerous studies in this field has been to identify fruitful and productive forms of interaction between the scientific community and the public.

This talk aims to highlight how the implementation of Quadruple Helix innovation systems can lead to enhanced acceptance and success of innovations, as well as increased engagement and participation of individuals in research and innovation.


  • Johanna Ronco: Graduated in Material Engineering and additionally specialized in Environmental Management Technologies, she gained long term experience in R&D, design and planning of production processes. She is in CRIT since 2007 as expert in materials, mechanics, design, production, environment and green technologies. 
  • Marta Pellegrino: With 13 years of project management experience, she currently holds the position of Head of Operations for 4 Laboratori Aperti in Emilia Romagna. She has strong experience in entrepreneurship training and open innovation