Motion Capture Data for Ergonomics Design of Machinery and Equipment


Mer 14 Ott 2020

Descrizione evento

When designing and/or commissioning a new production line or machinery, industrial companies need to check how humans will interact with the new system. First and foremost, manufacturing machinery and equipment need to be safe and also be compliant with applicable laws, thus making sure that no excessive loads or repetitive actions may lead to injuries. Moreover, non-optimized ergonomics will most likely lead to efficiency drops in the operation of the manufacturing equipment.

Along the design phase, companies may adopt different approaches and tools for improving the ergonomic design, relying in different technologies including Inertial Motion Units (IMU) attached to different parts of the human body. Indeed, technology miniaturization has made possible the development of easy-to-use, portable IMU systems for capturing human motion.

Xsens, with 20 years of experience in the development and deployment of IMU-based solutions, will present the advantages of their solutions for ergonomic assessment, as well as showing relevant case-studies in the fields ergonomics of equipment operation and ergonomics assessment for manufacturing and assembly activities, as well as other fields such as sports science, rehabilitation, gait analysis or biomechanics.

* The event has been configured as a web seminar due to global Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, provided that the outbreak figures remain low, it will be assessed the possibility of carrying out the Live Demo at CRIT for a limited number of guests,  guaranteeing Social Distancing and safety of participants.