Hardware and Software solutions for edge-cloud AI implementation in High Speed Packaging Machines


Mer 10 Apr 2024

Descrizione evento

In this seminar, we explore a set of hardware and software solutions developed to implement and run efficiently AI algorithms both on-edge and on fog servers.

The target scenario is the one of high speed packaging machines, where the automated machines must transform input materials into desired packages while reducing human workload.

The seminar is thoughtfully structured around four fundamental themes:

  1. Introducing a Novel Hardware Architecture for On-Edge AI Algorithms, that introduces an innovative hardware architecture designed to support on-edge AI algorithms.
  2. Establishing a Robust Data Transmission System in the Fog Environment and Facilitating Concurrent Data Access, that illustrates how to create a dependable system for data transmission within fog environments and enable concurrent data access for multiple processes.
  3. Enhancing Machine Health Status Monitoring, that discusses AI algorithms developed to automatically monitor the health status of the packaging machine.
  4. Enhancing Product Quality Control Processes, that discusses the AI algorithms developed to improve the current product quality control procedures.

The development of the HW/SW solutions that fall in the above themes has been carried out within the framework of Pilot 3 of the European project IMOCO4.E.