Digital Twin: ROM Simulation in real time for manufacturing applications


Mer 03 Nov 2021

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Traditionally, manufacturing industries have relied on the experience of designers and production personnel to optimize production systems; more lately numerical modelling of Multiphysics systems has enabled the simulation of processes. Initially, the intrinsic complexity of such systems has limited the simulation approach for process optimization, due to the high computational cost associated.

On the contrary, progressive digitalization allows machine manufacturers and end users to have access to a huge amount of operational data that can be used in order to power the creation of Digital Twin models that are able to realistically simulate the operation of a complex system and predict the evolution of time, with the aim of, for example, improving production processes, optimizing maintenance operations, controlling quality or minimizing energy consumption.

This is done by applying, Reduced Order Modelling, a new generation of techniques which allows to obtain parametric solutions of complex models that can be particularized in real time for any value of the parameters so they can be integrated in the production line.

The seminar will focus on the application of Reduced Order Modelling simulation in manufacturing shopfloors to optimize production and will showcase applications in real manufacturing sites (FERSA, ZF). The event will be held in English language.