Tecnalia: applied research experience in maintenance, computer vision, robotics


Thu 26 Mar 2015

Event description

CRIT organized a seminar with the collaboration of Tecnalia, an applied research center of the Basque Country born from the merger of 8 centers with a long and wide curriculum of industrial research and innovation. With around 1500 researchers, a turnover of € 120 million and almost 3,800 customers, Tecnalia is today the largest private research center in Spain and the fifth in Europe, behind Fraunhofer (Germany), TNO (Holland), VTT (Finland) and SINTEF ( Norway).

The purpose of the meeting is to illustrate the main results of Tecnalia’s industrial research activities in automation, machine vision and robotics. Furthermore, the seminar will be the opportunity to initiate contacts aimed at the joint realization of research activities between members and members of NFA and Tecnalia itself.

The session will focus on technologies and research results obtained by Tecnalia in the context of collaborations with industrial realities at European level, including through participation in financing instruments such as the Seventh EU Framework Program.

In particular, the knowledge and experience of the “Instrumentation & Maintenance” group will be deepened, in particular on the issues of Industry 4.0 (“Diagnosis & Impact Model 4.0 Tool”) and of Predictive Diagnostics of machine tool malfunctions. Furthermore, the technologies developed by the “Computer Vision” working group will be presented, including applications for online quality control and augmented reality. Finally, aspects and case studies related to the theme of flexible robotics will be treated, including perception systems, manipulators and mobile robotics.

During the day, it will be possible to book bilateral discussion sessions between companies and Tecnalia researchers, in order to discuss the launch of potential collaboration actions.

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