Technological solutions to support Servitization


Thu 22 Jan 2015

Event description

Servitization” means the process whereby a company’s product is no longer offered or sold alone, but is supplied in combination with a service. It is no longer the physical object to be sold, but the performance that it is able to guarantee generating value for the end customer.

In this change of business model, technology takes on an enabling factor for the path of servitization of companies, which, in order to follow the product throughout its use cycle, must be able to monitor the conditions of use in order to detect any any abnormal situation. Companies must also have control systems and analysis of the data collected, which must be managed in order to give the company the opportunity to develop specific plans for each of its customers.

The roundtable, organized by CRIT, aims to allow the companies of the Club of Innovators to discuss the issue of Servitization, a topic that in the last period is taking on an increasingly important role, to allow manufacturing companies to obtain new and more stable sources of profit and to differentiate themselves effectively from the competition. The meeting will be introduced by Ing. Diego Marino of Alstom Transport, a world leader in the rail transport sector that will present the TrainTracer system developed by Alstom to maximize the availability of train fleets.

The system, applied to the train control system, generates a continuous flow of data from electrical contactors and electronic sensors distributed throughout the train, which allow operators to anticipate train movements and remotely analyze what is happening on board. in order to prevent failures and problems. The use of predictive and preventive maintenance significantly increases the effective availability of the fleet. This approach model represents a definitive change in the perception of production and services, as production and services are understood as a single product.

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