Smart Manufacturing in the age of Experience


Wed 09 Mar 2016

Event description

Dassault Systèmes, a world-leading company in virtual reality technologies, 3D simulation and software for the design and management of the product life cycle has organized an event dedicated to the evolution of processes in the production area which will include some of the the most important companies at the forefront in the implementation of the digital factory transformation process.

In particular, Alstom will talk about the transition to a paperless environment, increasing visibility, control and synchronization of factory operations with a consequent increase in global efficiency, product quality and collaboration between engineering and production.

L’Orèal, a leading company in the cosmetics sector with 41 factories in the world, will present its experience related to production issues, achieving continuous improvement of product traceability processes and governance of compliance requirements.

The host company, Dassault Systèmes, will present the 3DEXPERIENCE platform created to support “digital continuity”, the collaboration between engineering, production, marketing and logistics and the increase in flexibility in the production environment. It will also be possible to experience the immersive manufacturing experience in the VIRTUAL ROOM, the “handy” factory.

CRIT will present an overview of funding opportunities for digital transformation.

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