Networking Day 2020 – Networking: antidote to future challenges

Graphene discovery and the European Graphene Flagship Project

Networking Day 2019 – Transformation and innovation experiences: when digitalisation brings value?

NUCLEI Final conference at R2B

Networking Day 2019 – Come l’innovazione guida la competitività

Collaborative Robotics – The man at the centre of factory 4.0

Networking Day 2018 – The impact of new technologies on corporate complexity

Interconnection, modularity, diagnostics: Industry 4.0 in vehicle assistance

Networking Day: success stories for the industry of the future

Trusted Apps for open Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

Industry 4.0: Plans in evolution

Digital Transformation & Innovation Management: cases compared

Suppliers ’Day 2016 – Technological Suppliers in L3 Calzoni

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