Robot Safety Day


Tue 06 Oct 2015

Event description

Presentation preview of the new ISO / TS 15066

At the end of the preparation phase of the Technical Specification ISO / TS 15066, ITIA CNR organizes an opportunity for comparison on the topic of security of collaborative robots. The workshop is dedicated to end users, integrators and machine builders, technology providers, associations and research institutions.

The new ISO / TS 15066 will be the fundamental compendium for the interpretation and application of the EN ISO 10218-2 standard. The meeting is dedicated to the institutional presentation of the requirements in the collaborative methods of robotic systems and to the experiences / needs of end users.

Robot Safety Day is not only a thematic workshop, but also a meeting place for all the main players in the world of safety and industrial robotics.

For more information, please visit the event page on the ITIA CNR website.


Participation is free. It is possible to register via the CRIT website or by completing the online registration form on the ITIA CNR website.

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