Regional synergies and funded projects: success stories


Fri 25 Sep 2015

Event description

On Friday 25 September at 2.30 pm, at the Conference Hall of the Tecnopolo (Shed 19, Area Ex Officine Reggiane, piazzale Europa), the conference “Regional synergies and funded projects: success stories” will be held, organized by CRIT, private company private company that supports companies for product and process innovation, in collaboration with the Department of Sciences and Engineering Methods of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, CORGHI and the LIAM laboratory.

During the meeting, which will be moderated by the economic journalist Stefano Catellani, the SUNRISE and TIREBOT projects will be presented, as well as the implications these have for the industrial and regional research reality.

An overview will follow of the technologies that are changing the business world, with an in-depth analysis focused on the future of additive manufacturing.

The conference also hosts the presentation of the LIAM industrial research laboratory focused on the automation aspects of automatic machines, which will present an intervention on “modular software design for industrial applications”.

In closing, a visit to the Tecnopolo laboratories is scheduled, followed by the start of the Researchers’ Night, of which the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is also the organizer of this third edition.

The projects

SUNRISE has been funded by the Emilia Romagna Region and is oriented to the analysis, design and development of machines for wheel service, equipped with new and better features.
As part of the project, the development and presentation on the market of the first tire changer in the world with diagnostic functions will be illustrated: CORGHI Uniformity, which allows the complete diagnosis of the single wheel to be performed, in addition to the normal tire mounting and dismounting operations. and / or the entire wheel train of the vehicle, analyzing the geometry with and without load, simulating the behavior on the road and favoring the comfort and safety of the driver. CRIT and the LIAM laboratory are also involved in the project.

TIREBOT was funded by the European Commission, using the Echord ++ tool, dedicated to advanced robotics. A mobile robotic assistant will be developed that will transport the wheels from the vehicle, placed on the lift, to the wheel service machines and back to the vehicle. In addition, the robot can serve as a support for the tire dealer in the heaviest operations, lifting the wheel near the work stations. In this way, both the time consumed for the manual transport of the wheel and the fatigue due to the lifting of heavy loads will be significantly reduced and will bring an overall advantage both in the efficiency of the process and in the quality of the working conditions.

CORGHI – company card

For over 60 years CORGHI has been the world’s largest producer of wheel service equipment (tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifters, diagnostic equipment), contributing to both projects by making its own multi-year competence available and demonstrating not to stop at the results obtained until today (for example with the Mechatronics award, awarded in 2012). The company is continuing to invest in the future to offer ever more innovative products and services for the wheel sector equipment sector, of which it has been a world leader historically consolidated in the market for years. Today CORGHI is the absolute first on the Italian market in the field of vehicle assistance equipment and, together with its partners, is the largest and most widespread network for the distribution of equipment for the automotive sector in the world, covering almost 150 countries and with direct branches in Spain, France, Germany, the United States, China, Australia and Brazil.

LIAM – for the laboratory card, you can find the information at this link.






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