Process integration and collaborative management of business flows


Tue 10 Feb 2015

Event description

CRIT Research, in collaboration with Engineering Plm Solutions and Comecer Spa, organized a workshop on the theme “Process integration and collaborative management of business flows”.

During the meeting, the RuleDesigner technology will be studied in depth, a PLM platform able to provide a wide range of solutions and opportunities to improve the efficiency and processes of product innovation, integrate and support the company’s strategic processes, allow sharing. of files and technical data at intra and inter-company level and allow the development of new advanced functions in the customer / supplier relationship.

In fact, the RuleDesigner platform incorporates functional modules for managing the product life cycle, customer relations, projects and orders, workflows and documents. The platform integrates also a configurator able to pilot each single entity in order to obtain the maximum automation in the processes and business workflows.

During the meeting, all aspects regarding the instrument’s use and versatility will be examined in depth, including through a live demo.

Next, there will be an intervention by Comecer Spa, a leading company in the field of nuclear medicine and specialized in radiopharmaceutical management, processing and dosing systems, which will bear witness to the innovation project undertaken through the introduction of RuleDesigner in its own reality. The company will retrace the steps of the project, from the planning of the activities necessary for the implementation, with a concrete cut to provide a useful track to the companies that are going to face a path of internal change.

Finally, by CRIT, all the aspects related to the tender for the Emilia Romagna region “Strict projects in small and medium enterprises” will be analyzed in depth (the following link provides the complete announcement).

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