Porsche excellence in End-to-End Quality


Fri 08 Jul 2016

Event description

The ability to provide customers with quality experience is increasingly becoming a critical success factor. To excel in this field, on the one hand it is necessary to guarantee the robustness of products and services, on the other to build an exciting experience. This result can be obtained by companies by developing processes and tools that guarantee, in a structural manner, that decisions and activities carried out on a daily basis contribute consistently to the established quality objectives.

The ability to provide a high level of quality, both in terms of Product robustness and Customer thrill, is one of the main factors to which Porsche directs its efforts.

During the seminar it will be illustrated how the implementation of the Quality takes place starting from the corporate strategy up to the individual “End-to-End” processes, that is those processes that go from the Development to the End of the product life, with particular focus on processes and tools related to each phase.

The seminar will allow to share the main pillars that characterize the Quality in Porsche and the approach that the Porsche Group has adopted in the last period allowing it to gain several international awards, such as the J. D. Power APEAL Award.

ABB will present the implementation of the strategies, in the Electrification Products BU – Protection and Connection, to be recognized as “Best In Class” in Quality and Innovation.

The seminar is organized by CRIT, in collaboration with Porsche Consulting, a management consulting company belonging to the Porsche Group.


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