Networking Day: success stories for the industry of the future


Wed 31 May 2017

Event description

Wednesday, May 31st the CRIT Networking Day will be held, the usual annual meeting aimed at stimulating opportunities for innovation, new relationships and common projects between companies in the CRIT network (Associated Companies, Endorsed Suppliers, External Companies).

This year’s meeting will focus on “Success stories for the industry of the future“.

The contents of the presentations will refer to the technological Roadmap proposed by EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) for the next Horizon 2020 calls that will be released in 2018/2019/2020.

Themes and contents
  1. Distributed and agile production networks (“Agile value networks: Lot-size one and distributed manufacturing”)
  2. Productive excellence and zero-defect strategies (“Excellence in manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing processes and services for zero-defect and innovative processes and products”)
  3. Human factor: the role of man in the industry of the future (“The human factor: Developing human competences in synergy with technological progress”)
  4. Sustainable manufacturing and circular economy (“Sustainable value networks: Manufacturing driving the circular economy”)
  5. Digitization and interoperable production platforms (“Interoperable digital manufacturing platforms: supporting an eco-system of manufacturing services”)

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