Networking Day 2019 – Transformation and innovation experiences: when digitalisation brings value?


Thu 17 Oct 2019

Event description

Many companies are now facing what Klaus Schwab defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when technologies represent the meeting point of a deeper and more strategic transformation which envisages the emergence of alternative models where processes, products, services and business models change.

In this phase of imminent change, it is important to reflect on the value asset’s repositioning: it is not only about defending one’s own competitiveness and tackling the digital disruption, it is also important to understand the level of strategy, with respect to business goals, fully reached through ICT investments.  Among the discriminating factors in delivering a successful Digital Transformation in a company, and also in a SME, there are the previous digital history of a company, the creation of a digital culture and mindset in the entrepreneur, the comprehension of the strategic value of the digitalisation and the agile “project” training of the employees.

Hence, how do business models change? How can we estimate the value of an ICT investment? How do technologies progress? These are the themes we’ll discuss about with the companies of our Network of Endorsed Suppliers in this second appointment of the CRIT Networking day 2019.

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