Networking Day 2018 – The impact of new technologies on corporate complexity


Thu 31 May 2018

Event description

The markets are increasingly stimulated by «mass customization», a production logic that envisages supplying a high number of customers with customized products, at reasonable costs, without sacrificing quality.

Companies, due to the reduction in production lots and average product life, must be flexible and fast; but to meet the needs of the market and remain competitive, they are forced to produce more advanced products and develop more complex production processes.

Innovation and the rise of new technologies can help companies manage this complexity, both during product development and during production.

All this provided that man has the necessary skills to understand and manage technologies and identify the right business opportunities.

The meeting, included in the Open Innovation Week organized by CRIT as part of the Interreg Central Europe NUCLEI project (CE_318), will focus on these issues and will offer opportunities for debate and networking.

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