Human-centred automation in the era of Artificial Intelligence


Fri 13 Sep 2019

Event description

An advanced human-machine interaction, which places the first at the center of the production process. It is “human centered” automation, a possible model even in the era of Industry 4.0, of the evolution of the “digital factory” and automation, where the role of the operator is not replaced at all, but further enhanced and enhanced.

These are the themes at the center of the workshop “Human-centered automation in the era of artificial intelligence”, scheduled for Friday 13 September, from 9.30, at the SCM Headquarters in Rimini (via Emilia 77). The event, aimed at technical staff from companies and research centers that use or develop automation systems, will illustrate the most interesting results of the European INCLUSIVE project, funded by the European Commission throughout the Horizon 2020 program, of which SCM was a partner. with its industrial research center. It will also be possible to discover new models of Human Machine Interface (HMI – Human Machine Interface) with configurable automation systems where the machine adapts to the operator’s skills making it easier and more pleasant to use his user experience and opening, in perspective, even new scenarios that are perhaps unthinkable today, such as the possibility of integrating disadvantaged people with limited physical or cognitive abilities.

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