Digital Manufacturing and Industrial IoT: case histories and funding opportunities


Thu 26 Nov 2015

Event description

CRIT, in collaboration with the research group on Digital Manufacturing headed by Prof. Giuseppe Padula of the University of the Republic of San Marino, is organizing an event scheduled on 26 November, with the title: “Digital Manufacturing and Industrial IoT: case histories and funding opportunities”.

The event is finalized to attract the interest of industries from the manufacturing sector on issues of key importance for their future competitiveness.

Digitalization of manufacturing processes represents a strategic process for the innovation of Italian and European enterprises.

Presently, we can observe a substantial commitment in terms of financial resources in countries of the European Union, United States and, recently, also in the Far East.

In Europe, Germany launched a significant initiative, the project “Industry 4.0”: the objective is to increase the interest of the industrial sector on the advantages offered by Internet of Things either in the reorganization of the industrial processes, with a positive impact also in the improvement of efficiency, in the capacity to create new collaborations, new products and new services.

In this framework, the Conference is an opportunity to share, analyze and dialogue on the experiences recently carried out in Italy through the application of Digital Manufacturing processes and to identify new opportunities of financial support offered by the European Commission and by the Regional Institution to support innovative projects for industrial collaborative districts.

Participation in the event is open to all interested people, upon registration.

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