Collaborative Robotics: state of the art, real applications and future developments


Thu 15 Sep 2016

Event description

Collaborative robotics represents one of the major changes in the way of doing industrial robotics, and more. The centrality of man, the design of work spaces and the organization of production tasks are radically different from the traditional system. Proximity, assistance with heavy and repetitive tasks, facilitating ergonomics, shared and interactive cycle times, are just some of the main aspects of hybrid processing methods. The man and the robot participate in the same tasks in the same space.

The meeting, addressed to production managers and automation managers, aims to develop a debate around these issues, through four different presentations.

Speakers include:

  • CNR ITIA, institute of the CNR specialized in industrial technologies and on automation issues.
  • Kuka, worldwide manufacturer of industrial robots and solutions for industrial automation.
  • Egicon, a company specialized in the design and production of electronic boards and systems for home automation, industrial, auto motive and lighting applications.
  • Bucher Hydraulics: international leader in the production of innovative hydraulic drives and controls for mobile and stationary hydraulics.

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