Collaborative Robotics: State of the Art for the “Rossini” case study


Fri 27 Mar 2020

Event description

This will be a web-based event (language: Italian). All subscribers will receive a dedicated notice with the link for the virtual room access.

The Rossini project is an European project (on-going since more than one year) that brings together 13 partners among which Datalogic (coordinator), IMA (use case) and CRIT (dissimination and exploitation manager, as well as coordinator of the project writing proposal).

This webinar gives the chance to discuss all together the collaborative robotics stat-of-the-art done for Rossini. In this deliverable it is possible to find all the aspect that interest the project itselfs and what will be identified as useful for its future development.


Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor (CRIT)


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