Client / Supplier Day 2016 – Value creation in the Customer-Supplier relationship


Wed 04 May 2016

Event description

On Wednesday 4 May the Client / Supplier Day will be held, the usual annual meeting aimed at stimulating opportunities for innovation, new relationships and common projects between companies in the CRIT network (CRIT Associated Companies, Accredited Suppliers Network, External Companies).

The meeting, organized in collaboration with Bologna Business School, will focus on the theme: “Creation of value in the Customer-Supplier relationship“.

During the day some companies belonging to the “Customers” world will be involved, who will share their experience with the participants on the theme of the day; speakers include:

  • Marco Venturi, President of the Emilia Romagna and Marche Section of ADACI (Italian Purchasing and Supply Management Association)
  • Alessio Bellini, Engine purchasing manager of Ducati Motor Holding Spa
  • Marco Sairu, Head of Engine Project Management of Ducati Motor Holding Spa
  • Riccardo Guiati, Supply Chain Manager of IMA Spa

And every company adhering to the Endorsed Suppliers Network, will bring its own testimony concerning an activity or project realized that has brought a real benefit to the final customer.

The testimonials of the Suppliers will be grouped by macro areas:

  1. Process improvement and Quality Control
  2. Design and R&D
  3. Factory of the Future

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