Business diversity management


Fri 03 Nov 2017

Event description

Roundtable, reserved for the human resources of the CRIT member companies, on business practices aimed at enhancing every form of diversity.

Today’s society is characterized by various forms of diversity, from gender to age, from sexual orientation to ethnicity, from family burdens to disabilities, which are reflected within the work environment. In modern economic realities, where speed and technology dominate, people and their skills become the cornerstones to maintain their competitiveness and their role within the global market. People are intrinsically different from each other, characterized by traits that in part share them and in part differentiate them: an efficient and effective management of personnel therefore becomes fundamental to multiply the beneficial effects caused by social complexity. Diversity management thus becomes a strategic objective: an inclusive environment improves the climate and well-being and consequently, the productivity of people and of the organization itself.

Debate between companies that have already implemented projects to include the various corporate diversities or are interested in developing their own program. The testimonies of companies already active in this field will stimulate the comparison on good practices and on projects that help to transform diversity into a resource.

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