Approaches and methodologies to evaluate the performance of the company’s R&D department – 3rd part


Thu 16 Apr 2015

Event description

The use of indicators to monitor, measure and control the performance of processes, functions, departments of the company is increasingly widespread and is becoming an increasingly felt need by companies, to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and quality and support the continuous improvement.
One of the most delicate functions to monitor, due to the particular activity that it carries out, is without a doubt that of Research and Development (R&D).

The objective of this meeting is to continue and develop the comparison born from the previous two meetings (May 15th and September 10th 2014), on the one hand on methodologies and approaches to evaluate the performance of the R&D department and related processes (both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness), on the other hand on how these assessments are used by the company management (are there target objectives provided? How? Specific actions are defined if these objectives are not met? What are the strategies of the company?).

In order to make the comparison more structured and allow everyone active participation, each company is required to present its experience in this area through some slides, taking into consideration the following aspects:

distinction between research / innovation activities and product development activities
distinction between evaluation of the business function (eg R&D department) and evaluation of the processes that the function is responsible for developing.

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