Advanced technical writing


Thu 29 Jun 2017

Event description

CRIT organizes an inter-company training course on the topic “Advanced technical editing“, with the collaboration of Writec (CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network), technical communication study in mechanical, electronic and software fields.

60% of the Italian population includes simple texts and has difficulties with complex or specialized texts. The changes in the composition of the workforce employed in the industry force us to calibrate our communication to make it clearer, even in the workplace.

Plain language or clear language is spreading to all “specialist” levels: from the technical to the governmental, from the bank to the lawyer and so on.

Writing pompously and artificially is the first obstacle to understanding not only the user, but also the translator. The result is very verbose, ambiguous, contradictory texts that require frequent revisions, which cause increased management costs, translation costs and an increase in error rates.

How to be sure of being understood? How to write technical texts clearly? How to reduce translation and printing costs? How to avoid calls to technical assistance?

Course objectives
  • Acquire the rules at the base of controlled language.
  • Speed ​​up translation processes while maintaining the technical accuracy of the text.
  • Make complex concepts more understandable.
  • Increase the text’s compliance with Directives and Standards.
Course contents

The course will last 8 hours (2 half days lasting 4 hours) and will take place on 29 June and 4 July 2017 at CRIT. The following topics will be covered during the sessions:

  • Introduction to the editing in Italian.
  • For each rule, analysis, examples and exercises with technical texts.
  • Lists and tables
  • Structure and order the text.
  • Correct the documents.

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