Achieving Excellence in Reliability


Thu 28 May 2015

Event description

In Manufacturing Industry, «reliability» is or should be the #1 business priority in order to surpass customer expectations and control costs or in other words to generate top and bottom line P&L (Profit and Loss Statement) performance. A great, innovative product will not generate sustainable revenue streams if it is perceived as being unreliable and worse, the image of your company can be tainted for many years. A product with a reputation for reliability commands a higher re-sale value, generates strong customer loyalty and increased sales volumes.

Reliability is difficult to predict and  measure during the product development process but efforts to do so are rewarded many times. This seminar will discuss how reliability can be managed practically for systems and components produced in large series (several thousands), mid series (several hundreds) and small series (tens or less). There are common elements of good reliability management with the focus being on designing reliability into the product as well as optimising testing for reliability before a customer receives a product. Different approaches are needed depending on which types of reliability failures occur : Quality related, Design related or Wear Out/Aging related.

Achieving «Excellence in Reliability» (EiR) is a company wide issue, championed by the CEO and spear headed by Product Development but every functional area is involved, we will discuss what is needed from each function. The seminar will present good reliability management practices illustrated by practical examples drawn from project work over 25 years.

Peter Foster, the seminar leader, is the founder of i-nova, a specialist Product Development Company. Peter is a British Engineering Consultant living in France and has worked extensively with many Italian companies, since 1991. He  has helped large and small companies, including the parent companies of some CRIT members, improve the reliability of their products. As important as the methods employed is the focus on growing knowledge, sharing the knowledge and excellent communications which bring major benefits in other areas of the business.

The seminar will allow ample time for questions and discussion with the seminar leader and between network members.

The seminar will be held in English.

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