5G: evultion o revolution?


Thu 12 Sep 2019

Event description

The future of telecommunications and many industrial applications related to wireless communications sees 5G as one of the possible keystones to significantly increase efficiency, increase the speed of sending/receiving data and reduce the latency times of communications. It is therefore essential, in order to determine the actual change that is about to be approached, to better understand the technical aspects and the changes brought about by the new communication technology.

CRIT, in collaboration with Stoorm5, organizes an event aimed at deepening, through the testimony of experts from the academic and industrial world, the theme of the new 5G communication standard.

The meeting will allow to deepen the technology and to evaluate its positive and negative sides thanks to the experience developed in the field by the speakers involved and will offer the opportunity to the participants to develop new opportunities and to create new contacts through a special networking moment.

The event will be held at the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation, Via Celestini, Sasso Marconi (BO).

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