Lean and Scrum impacts on verification and validation best practices


Mer 07 Apr 2021

Descrizione evento

Lean Systems Engineering (LSE) is the application of lean thinking (Womack 2003) to systems engineering (SE) and related aspects of enterprise and project management. LSE is an approach that is applicable throughout the system life cycle. SE is focused on the discipline that enables development of complex technical systems.

In the industry 4.0 era and under the digitalization wave, the concepts of “verify as soon as possible” and “continuously validate” are deeply linked the end-to-end value flow. Scrum methodologies rely on the minimum viable product concept, alias how collecting the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Verifying appropriateness of value advancements, confirming and demonstrating the value gradually delivered at each sprint is a key of success to achieve maximum value with the minimum effort.

The workshop objective is to highlight the key practical, pragmatic aspects to deliver in day-to-day applications of verification and validation according to the objectives and frameworks of the lean principles and of the scrum methodologies.

The workshop addresses the practitioners and specialists of the V&V, the engineers, the systems engineers and the project managers.