AI and Data Act: New Legal Challenges in the Digital Landscape


Gio 12 Ott 2023

Descrizione evento

In the current digital landscape, artificial intelligence and data usage are not only profoundly altering business dynamics but also highlighting challenges and questions in the legal and regulatory fields. This workshop serves as a meeting point to discuss and decipher the challenges related to AI and the Data Act, with a special focus on the European scenario.

Guest speakers include Professor Rita Cucchiara (Unimore) and Professor Matilde Ratti (Unibo). Among the main topics, the intricate responsibility linked to the data used and generated by AI will be explored, as well as best practices regarding the treatment of non-personal data and the evolving trends in the European regulatory framework. Additionally, the challenge of legally defining AI will be addressed, examining implications for users accessing the data. Another focal point will be on the pivotal distinction between data “ownership” and traditional intellectual property, aiming to outline the boundaries between these two areas. In conclusion, emerging guidelines for data sharing in the digital age will be traced, highlighting the importance of balancing innovation and privacy. The event will be led in english.