Traceability of industrial components and spare parts


Thu 21 Jun 2018

Event description

Identification and traceability technologies are a strategic junction for production systems. In fact, it represents a tool to safely monitor and protect products.

The objective of the meeting is to foster a confrontation between CRIT members on the potential of using tools for traceability of components and spare parts with a view to guaranteeing their authenticity. The discussion will be oriented on finding an answer to some key questions:

  • What tools can be put in place?
  • What are the possible applications?
  • What are the technologies that, in addition to identifying a product, guarantee their authenticity so that they could not be reproduced?
  • What value can the company and customers derive from the use of traceability tools?

We will address the issue starting from the presentation of tools and use cases, introducing the potential offered by Blockchain technology. The discussion will be enriched by the experiences of the companies present at the table.

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