Traceability and serialization in industrial processes – Experience in the pharmaceutical world applied to packaging


Wed 20 Apr 2016

Event description

The seminar, organized in collaboration with IMA Spa, University of Parma and Omron Electronics Spa, aims to examine the fundamental concepts of serialization and traceability: what is meant, how are they implemented and what are the main benefits they bring.

It will be highlighted how these technologies, born of mandatory compliance in the pharmaceutical market, represent an opportunity for the packaging and material handling markets.

The first intervention, carried out by IMA, aims to illustrate the state of the art regarding the issue of serialization within a pharmaceutical sector plant. The main problems that characterize these processes and those that will be the main novelties in the immediate future will be described. The application of these systems within the production and distribution process of a pharmaceutical product will be shown. During the presentation it will be highlighted how a legal compliance has become a reason for improving the production process and quality assurance.

In the second intervention, by the University of Parma, it will be illustrated how the concept of traceability is implemented in the food industry. During the intervention it will be highlighted how traceability can be implemented thanks to modern IT infrastructures; it will in fact be emphasized that the IoT has enabled the implementation of traceability processes.

Finally, Omron’s intervention will aim to illustrate the role that an automation product provider can play in serialization and traceability processes.

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