Tips and tricks of Additive Manufacturing


Wed 06 Dec 2017

Event description

Additive Manufacturing (AM) represents the biggest manufacturing revolution of the last decade. In fact it provides answers to the typical problems of subtractive technologies, which until now have limited the creativity of mechanical design. Freedom in design, weight reduction, independence from economies of scale are just some of the advantages brought by the AM.

Before adopting AM in the production process it is necessary to analyze the critical issues by introducing some new rules in the design approach.

The seminar wants to underline the reliability of this technology and provide possible solutions to the challenges that still characterize it, such as generating continuity between the Additive Manufacturing process and the subtractive post-process, guaranteeing a safe data transfer and understanding how to exploit the new properties some materials. Together with TNO, PROSTEP and the Engineering Department “Enzo Ferrari” of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia we will try to answer these challenges.

The meeting is part of the activities carried out by CRIT and ASTER in the framework of the European Project NUCLEI and will take place in Aula 216 of the CNR, in via Gobetti 101, Bologna.

The NUCLEI project, of which CRIT is the coordinator, offers the opportunity for companies to be involved in:

  • Transnational work tables and comparisons on technological / organizational / management issues
  • Thematic seminars on the results of research and development activities, which may also include support for technology transfer activities.
  • Networks of companies that share strategies, resources and skills.

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