Artificial Intelligence applied to words: an overview on Sentiment Analysis


Wed 21 Jul 2021

Event description

The meeting will be held via the web. Members will receive a communication on how to access the virtual room.

Sentiment Analysis (SA) is a technique to analyse information generated by users with the objective to infer the corresponding feeling in terms of “positive”, “negative” and “neutral” (as well as possible emotions and/or different intensity levels correlated to those feelings).

In details, textual data are analyzed to identify feelings, opinions or, generally speaking, any “personal status” of a human being; different kind of data (e.g., images or “likes”) can also be elaborated with the same goals.

SA can be applyed to very different fields, wherever it is possible to gather and analyzed quite a few amount of data called User Generated Content (UGC), namely data generated by the final user of a given service/product.

This webinar will present a state of the art on Sentiment Analysis, illustrating its main components and explaining its relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI); considering the time of the year, furthermore, different application examples in tourism (a domain where UGCs are generated with very high frequency) will also be described.

The link for access to the online platform and for participation in the webinar will be sent to those registered on the day preceding the event.

Speaker: Riccardo Masiero, Technology & Innovation Advisor (CRIT)

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