The organizational and management aspects that characterize the company patent office – Sixteenth Part


Wed 09 Sep 2020

Event description

The meeting is the continuation of previous round tables and discussions on the same subject, the last of which took place in November 2018, and was organized, at the request of the participants, in order to allow them and those dealing with patents and intellectual property within associated companies to investigate and discuss the organizational and management aspects that characterize the corporate patent office.

The rapid evolution of the market and technologies, as well as the increasingly broader and global competitive scenario, requires companies to structure themselves adequately to protect their intellectual capital. Each, according to their needs, has equipped the company with a structure (more or less developed and articulated) dedicated to the management of the patent portfolio and all the activities connected to it, carrying out activities with internal resources, or relying on external consultants.

The proposed work table will be oriented towards the deepening and discussion of the issues that the companies of the working group have identified.

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