The Canadian economy and opportunities for Italian companies


Wed 08 Nov 2017

Event description

The purpose of the meeting is to investigate the main characteristics of the Canadian economy and to analyze the opportunities for Italian companies in the light of the new trade agreement between the EU and Canada, (CETA agreement) which will simplify the export of goods and services.

The following topics will be discussed during the seminar:

  • Analysis of the Canadian economy through the growing sectors divided by province
  • The Canada system: pros, cons and how to increase trade with Italy
  • CETA before and after: what changes and what are the economic advantages for exporters
  • Case Study of Italian Companies in Canada
  • Andrew Berselli – Business Development Manager in Calgary – Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce West Canada
  • Celso Boscariol – Lawyer in Vancouver – President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce West Canada

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