Tecno-Tour: Universal Robots


Thu 24 Oct 2019

Event description

CRIT organizes a Tecno-Tour at the Universal Robots office in Odense (Denmark).

Universal Robots was born in 2005 with the aim of making robotics accessible to everyone, developing flexible, easy-to-use, reasonably priced industrial robots suitable for safe operation. Since then it has managed to reach the milestone of 234 million euros in 2018, positioning itself as one of the most interesting realities in the world of robotics, and specifically collaborative robotics.

In the current context, where the installation and integration of collaborative robots is gaining an increasingly strategic importance, both from a commercial and production point of view, CRIT and Universal Robots, after the company’s recent membership in the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, decided to organize a Tecno-Tour at the company’s headquarters, giving participants the opportunity to learn more about the Danish reality and robotic technologies.

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