Tecno Tour: Proplast – Plastic Innovation Pole


Thu 21 Apr 2016

Event description

CRIT, with the collaboration of the Proplast Consortium, has organized a techno-tour for the companies of its network at the Plastic Innovation Pole in Rivalta Scrivia (Tortona – AL).
During the techno-tour, the CRIT network companies will have the opportunity to visit the laboratories and technical areas, learn about the research topics carried out by Proplast and the services dedicated to personnel selection and training.

The objective of Proplast is to establish a technological center of European level, capable of offering the industrial world R&D and training services in the area of ​​plastic material processing, materials engineering, product engineering. For this purpose, together with the companies and the consortium universities, Proplast has undertaken a number of applied research and consultancy activities in the field of materials engineering on three main themes: product and process engineering, environmental sustainability and aesthetic appeal. In particular, the Process Engineering division of Proplast offers services related to injection molding (traditional and with innovative technologies), extrusion, compounding and other technologies, while the Product Engineering division offers specialized services and equipment for the design and engineering of plastic products. Finally, Proplast offers a testing and characterization service, also in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin (seat of Alessandria) and the other universities present within the Consortium.

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