Tecno-Tour: F.M.


Tue 16 Apr 2019

Event description

CRIT organized a Tecno-Tour at F.M. in Correggio, a leading company in plastic injection molding. The goal of the Tecno-Tour will be to retrace the various phases of a Metal Replacement project, visiting the following departments:

  • FM LAB # 1: mechanical laboratory with special test benches capable of quantifying the mechanical, tribological and impact resistance properties of polymers and plastic components
  • TECHNICAL OFFICE: product industrialization and mold design
  • MECHANICAL WORKSHOP: construction of the molds using machine tools
  • MOLDING DEPARTMENT: production of molded components (27 presses for pieces from a few hundredths of a gram to about 2Kg)
  • FM LAB # 2: “plasturgical” laboratory equipped with 3 injection presses for testing materials and particular productions

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