Surface Coatings: practical selection guide


Tue 07 Jul 2020

Event description

Surface engineering is the engineering science that designs the physical and chemical methods capable of modifying the surface and sub-surface layers of a body in order to obtain the characteristics identified as optimal for a given application (quoted by Treccani). It is therefore a complex science in which a multitude of parameters intervene in the functional design and in the selection of the correct process / coating or treatment system. Very often it is not enough to select the coating based on its characteristics to obtain the desired result, but it is necessary to make a careful evaluation of the characteristics of the entire system (component to be coated, coating, conditions of use, etc.) to be able to identify the best solution.

Thanks to its consolidated experience, IL SENTIERO INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS, ECOR International’s industrial research center, will lead the day defining the parameters and general rules to extricate ourselves in the complex world of surface engineering and identify the most suitable solution for the application of interest. . The webinar will include a short introduction on the most common coating techniques dealt with by the ECOR group (PVD, CVD vapor deposition, thermo-spray processes …), while the second part will be dedicated to sharing the general rules and presenting the most important variables. to be taken into consideration when approaching the universe of coatings.

The link for accessing the online platform and for participating in the webinar will be sent to subscribers the day before the event.


PhD. Alessandra Bellucci, ECOR International

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