Supply Chain: how to face the post-COVID19 phase


Thu 28 May 2020

Event description

The COVID-19 crisis has forced several companies to review their business in order to adapt to the new socio-economic scenario. The roundtable will offer an opportunity for CRIT associated companies to discuss how Supply Chains will have to evolve in the scenario following Covid-19 crisis. We will deepen the organizational models concerning the management of the Supply Chain, answering some questions:

  • What approaches have been implemented to manage the emergency?
  • What are the plans to face the post-Covid phase?
  • How to redesign supply chains in the future?
  • Will it be necessary to increase stocks to increase the company’s resilience by paying profitability?
  • Is there a need to have alternatives on different continents to diversify risks?
  • How important will it be to bring suppliers closer within national borders or at least have a local alternative?
  • What will be the role of technologies in the management of post-Covid supply chains?

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