Solutions supporting Production


Tue 25 Jun 2019

Event description

The adoption of tools able to improve and optimise production is a key aspect for manufacturing companies. These tools allow to reduce operational production costs together with an overall simplification of the business process, thus facilitating the real-time control of all the operations.

This seminar, organised with the collaboration of Azzurro Ditale and Hotminds, two members of CRIT Network of Endorsed Suppliers (NFA), will deal with the issue of the production management through the witnesses of SafiloElectrolux and IMA.

Azzurro Digitale will present the Advanced Workforce Management System (AWMS) platform for the management of the production personnel, together with Electrolux and Safilo, two international players who first embraced the project. Morris Fant will then focus on the digital transformation of Safilo – an eyewear multinational – plant, while Beatrice Maestri will present the open innovation programme of Electrolux, an international excellence in the household appliances field.

Hotminds and IMA will present their experience resulting from the development and utilisation of the BuDDY platform, a multimedia operating station able to support automatic machines employees with the required graphic documentation and data necessary for the machine tooling/maintenance/assembly. BuDDY is an industrial assistant meant to help employees in their operative activities, favouring the consultation of technical data of the project and of the order file. BuDDY is supplied with a touch screen, through which employees can use various software and consult both project’s mechanical data (that is basic schedules associated to assemblies and 2D and 3D associated modules) and electric and pneumatic schemes.

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