Social distancing: tools for contact monitoring and risk assessment


Thu 02 Jul 2020

Event description

“Keep your distance” is the social mantra that will accompany us for a long time and that will not run out once the emergency is over. What role will technologies play in the “new normal” to monitor compliance with distances and risk assessment related to contact? What are the implications for employee privacy?

We will present two complementary technologies to the CRIT network:

  • Rita Cucchiara and Matteo Fabbri (AImageLab, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) will present Inter-Homines. Inter-Homines is based on state of the art technology of Artificial Intelligence (deep learning and computer vision) to recognize the behavior of people in terms of distance and crowding in areas monitored by cameras. The system is GDPR-compliant because it does not record any information but calculates the dynamic risk maps and the heat maps of occupation and crowding of the area; provides customizable and parameterizable alarms and space occupation information. It is available as a software service on existing hardware (RGB cameras and PC / cloud with GPU) or with low cost hardware (embedded NVIDIA), and also in a “portable” version for temporary analysis. It is the result of studies from national and international projects of Aimagelab (UniMoRe) and currently funded by the Regional Inter-Homines project.
  • Aldo Campi (Stoorm5) will present MODIS, a tool that helps workers to maintain social distance and allows entrepreneurs to know if social distance is respected in their company. MODIS allows continuous monitoring with alert signals (vibration, sound) if social distance is not maintained. The instrument consists of a detection system consisting of a bracelet to be worn during work with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, mobile APP and a cloud service for consulting information.


  • Rita Cucchiara and Matteo Fabbri, AImageLab laboratory of the “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
  • Aldo Campi, CEO Stoorm5.

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