SCRUM and Agile methodologies for project management


Fri 26 Oct 2018

Event description


In recent years, business management models have had to adapt to the new turbulent production conditions, characterized by very high competition and demands for greater productivity, speed and quality.

This context has determined the change in the nature of the projects to be managed, for which the principles of traditional management are no longer sufficient.

In order to help the company organization in the management of “complex projects”, advanced project management methods and techniques have been introduced: the AGILE and SCRUM methods.

What is the AGILE method?

With the term AGILE (or Agile Software Development – ASD) we refer to a set of software development methods, born with the aim of providing the client with functional and quality software, in a short time.

The AGILE methodology is strongly focused on the final product and its functionality, and allows to organize the work flow and the different activities necessary for the production in such a way as to optimize Quality, Time and Costs of the process.

What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is an agile framework for managing the software development cycle in which it is possible to implement various processes and techniques.

SCRUM emphasizes all aspects of project management related to contexts in which it is difficult to plan in advance, and allows managing unpredictable aspects and solving complex problems.

Scrum Framework

The first part of the meeting will focus on deepening the Tetra Pak experience, which has decided to use the SCRUM method for the management of all research and development projects. In the second part a moment of confrontation will be realized with sharing of experiences by other CRIT companies.

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