SCM technologies: technical directors in comparison


Thu 05 May 2016

Event description

The meeting will be organized at the SCM Group plant in Thiene (VI), where the edgebanding machines are developed, i.e. those intended for the application of the edges to panels in materials derived from wood (chipboard, MDF, etc.) to give it the final aesthetic aspect.

The following technologies will be presented and discussed in the meeting:

  • Edging and squaring process;
  • Gluing, hot melt, hot air, laser, diode and infrared technology;
  • Panel edge processing technology with contact, optical probing systems;
  • Continuous micrometric dimensional variation of rotating probes

The meeting, reserved for the Technical / R & D Directors of the CRIT associated companies, is aimed at favoring an open and constructive comparison on the technologies used by SCM, with the aim of:

  • Collect ideas and suggestions from subjects operating in different fields;
  • Verify technical choices;
  • Identify new solutions to problems encountered in the field or under development;
  • Generate collaboration opportunities

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