SAVE THE DATE – Graphene Meeting


Tue 29 Oct 2019

Event description

Since the first single carbon atomic state was discovered and isolated in 2004, the research interest for graphene has exploded. Graphene is the most promising material for the future, due to its exceptional properties: extremely strong and lightweight and has very high thermal and electrical conductivity.

A research initiative called GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP has been launched in 2003. The project was funded by the European Commission with the aim of connect academics and industries interested in graphene and boost its development towards the full exploitation.

In collaboration with the Flagship and Tetra Pak, we propose a seminar to discover the work done by the Flagship and the latest news on graphene. A Demo session has been organized to explore the latest cutting-edge applications developed by the flagship partners. The presentation will be in English.

The Demo session will include applications in a variety of sectors, including Sensors, Coating, Composites, Flexible Electronics, Wearable and many others.

Numbers of seat are limited.
In the case of multiple participations by a single company, CRIT reserves the right to limit participation, subject to communication.

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