Safety in collaborative robot systems: technologies, standards and best practices


Wed 03 Jun 2020

Event description

Collaborative robotics is becoming more and more the natural evolution to which advanced factory automation must strive.

A man-machine synergy in terms of workspace sharing, interdependence in task execution and complementarity of productive potential will be the key to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Such synergy can only be built on the pillar of manpower safety. But, when can we call a cobot actually “safe”? What are the paradigms, criteria and solutions to design, implement and validate a collaborative robotics solution in line with the current standardization process?

In this webinar Datalogic (CRIT associates), Universal Robots and Omron (Endorsed Supplier Network) will discuss their views and approaches to address these topics.

  • Gianluca Giorgio, Functional Safety Professional (Datalogic)
  • Roberta Nelson Shea, Global Technical Compliance Officer (Universal Robots)
  • Gaetano Fusillo, Manager Omron Safety Services for EMEA Region (Omron)

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