Reliability, maintainability, availability and security of a system


Thu 25 Feb 2016

Event description

The need to increase the quality of products, to increase the efficiency of plant and equipment maintenance, to increase the availability of production lines, to satisfy (and demonstrate the satisfaction of) quantitative requirements defined by contract or by the applicable legislation have determined a increasing attention to the “operational safety” of the systems, a summary of the relative characteristics of reliability, maintainability, availability and safety (RAMS – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety).

Today, these needs are reflected in a set of “trustworthiness” methods and tools that can be used at different stages of life – to support planning, qualification, construction and operation – to ensure that the system carries out the mission for which it was conceived .

The topic will be addressed through two speeches.

The first intervention will be carried out by NIER Ingegneria, a company that is a member of the CRIT Accredited Suppliers Network, and will have the purpose of providing an overview of the possible applications of methods and tools for RAMS analysis, in response to the typical industrial needs encountered in its activity consulting. With respect to this overview, some application cases representative of the obtainable results will be presented.

The second intervention will be proposed by ALSTOM which, operating in a context of continuous technological innovation for the realization of systems for railway signaling, boasts a specialized knowledge in the RAM and Safety issues in question.

In particular, the intervention will be composed of a set description of how RAM activities are organized and produced in ALSTOM and of a practical case of RAMS analysis on systems and products.

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