Reemain Webinar on Technologies for Efficient Manufacturing


Tue 09 Jun 2015

Event description

The REEMAIN project, funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Research Program, is aimed at promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in manufacturing contexts. The transnational consortium that will carry out the project includes CRIT and SCM, a world leader in the production of woodworking machines.

REEMAIN will involve investments of almost 10 million euros, of which 6 will be covered by the European Commission. During the project activities, energy simulation software tools and hardware tools for the production and accumulation of energy from renewable sources will be studied and tested, with the aim of developing a platform for efficiency improvement, at industrial level, in the use of energy resources.

The webinar aims to present the preliminary results of the research activity carried out in the project, in particular on the foundry, textile and biscuit production sectors. In particular, the technologies currently available to maximize energy efficiency in the various production processes will be presented, as well as an examination of different feasibility analyzes for the integration of renewable energy in the various sectors, and the analysis of different case studies of application of innovative technologies by global players.

The speakers will be researchers belonging to structures of excellence at European level, including, in addition to CRIT, the Spanish applied research center CARTIF and the German company Dr. Jakob Energy Research.

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