Real-time industrial applications on multi/many-core heterogeneous devices


Wed 18 Oct 2017

Event description

The advent of heterogeneous multi / many-core platforms and open source Linux-based operating systems opens up enormous opportunities in the field of industrial applications of embedded systems.

The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 18 October at T3LAB aims to present the skills of important Italian partners operating in the field of embedded electronics and to deepen the results obtained during the first year of activity of the OPEN-NEXT project (https : //

Outside the conference room, an exhibition area will be set up where it will be possible to view some demos and interact with the speakers.



T3LAB offers consulting services for research and development to companies in Emilia Romagna. T3LAB has experience of kernel-space development on Unix-like systems, in particular on Linux and on different HW platforms, also heterogeneous.


CIRI-ICT is the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna for information and communication technologies. CIRI-ICT has several years of experience in heterogeneous multi / many-core architectures on which it has developed run-time libraries.


Softech-ICT is an Interdepartmental Research Center for ICT for Companies promoted by the Engineering Department “Enzo Ferrari” and by the Department of Economics “Marco Biagi” of UNIMORE. Softech-ICT has experience in scheduling analysis on multi-core systems.


INFN TTLab is the Technological Transfer Laboratory of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Emilia Romagna. INFN has porting skills on low-power architectures.


CRIT is a company specialized in research and analysis of technical and scientific information and in research project development activities.

NFA CRIT external partners

Evidence provides software development services and training courses for industrial and dedicated systems.

SECO designs embedded electronic boards.

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