Product reliability: tools, methodologies and flows characteristic of the testing process


Wed 22 Feb 2017

Event description

The growing functional demands placed by customers on consumer products and machinery impose on their manufacturers the need to guarantee ever higher levels of reliability. In this perspective, the testing process aimed at reliability, represents a fundamental tool in the prototyping phase, to verify the conformity of the product and optimize its design and implementation accordingly. In fact, each company strategically structures the managerial and technical figures involved in the testing process aimed at reliability, since they must define the objectives, the tests and the approach to be followed. Each company, according to its needs, has therefore developed internally over the years, workflows and methodologies and has equipped itself with tools, both hardware and software, which allow it to achieve the predetermined reliability objectives. The purpose of the roundtable is to compare the experiences gained by the CRIT member companies to stimulate a discussion on methodologies, tools and workflows used in the testing processes aimed at measuring the reliability of the product.

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