Processes and Technologies in the Aerospace sector – The CURTI case


Tue 27 Nov 2018

Event description

The meeting, addressed to the companies of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, aims to deepen the experience of CURTI Costruzioni Meccaniche Spa in the aerospace sector. During the meeting the technologies that the company has developed and the internal processes necessary to carry out the activity will be examined in depth.

Curti has been producing mechanical components for the defense and aeronautics industry for over 40 years. The Aerospace division boasts extensive experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for the production of parts and assemblies for helicopters, trainer aircraft, troop transport vehicles and heavy artillery. It is also able to provide surface treatments such as Al chromate and steel passivation.

CURTI Aerospace has an internal laboratory for quality controls and the division is ISO 9001, AS / EN 9100, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 certified and Nadcap accredited for NDT and Welding. In recent years, the Aerospace division has specialized in forming and processing of metal sheet in the aeronautical field on noble materials such as high-strength and special stainless steels, aluminum alloys, pure and alloyed titanium, using special processes such as resistance welding, bonding, assembly of components also in carbon fiber. The intermediate and final control of these processes is guaranteed through the application of different non-destructive testing methods (superficial and volumetric).

CURTI Aerospace has also entirely designed and built a first example of a completely innovative two-seater helicopter with a turbine engine.

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