Plasma technologies: solutions for the industry


Fri 15 Jun 2018

Event description

Low-pressure plasma technology is increasingly emerging as a standard surface treatment process for materials in various industrial sectors, often displacing more conventional treatments that are often less flexible and above all with a high environmental impact.

It is a real surface chemical engineering aimed at building nanometric structures, designed to respond specifically to the most diverse applications, with numerous advantages linked to its high eco-sustainability and transversal use.

Through the superficial modifications induced by plasmas, materials can be innovated, achieving successful results in a short time.

Friction coefficient modulation, rubber and plastic protection, anti-limestone treatments, corrosion protection, barrier coatings, hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, activations, are just some examples of the applications developed by Plasmapps that will be illustrated during the conference, through numerous industrial cases.

Plasmapps Srl operates in the areas of cutting-edge Hi-Tech for research and development of innovative plasma processes. Through cold plasma technology, Plasmapps offers companies customized surface treatments to respond specifically to the different needs of the industrial world, developing processes that include surface functionalization, thin film deposition (nanometric), intelligent activation, cleaning and surface preparation . Since 2018 Plasmapps is a member of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network.

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